We offer a free consultation to help determine which services are best suited for your program.


With emphasis on working with your players, The Revolution Effect will come out to practice(s) and help you plan, run, and manage practice with efficiency and purpose after an initial evaluation. Game day management and evaluation is also available. We will apply our core values to your program, building upon your existing foundation, and develop your overall team.


This session combines players and coaches. Together we spend time focusing on the creation of your team's brand, as well as develop players (and coaches) commitments to the team. Both of these areas are extremely important to a team's success. This is a two part workshop that includes a follow up session.


This program is geared towards one on one time with coaches. Practice planning, parent management, game day strategy.  These are three big components/challenges for most coaches.  They also cause the most stress!  We can help you navigate through these areas and develop a customized plan based on your needs for your program.


Establishing culture takes time and a whole lot of energy. It is not an overnight process, but with consistent focus and effort, a solid foundation can be established. With culture development comes team bonding, leadership building, and overcoming adversity through a variety of activities. 


Perhaps you are new to coaching, have a brand new team, or your existing team could utilize components from all 4 of our programs.  We combine these elements with our core values to give you the most comprehensive Revolution Effect Experience.  Catered to the needs  + goals of your team, we sit down and develop a detailed plan that will help take your team to the next level.  This master program includes continual email and phone support with our coaching staff throughout, and post-program follow up.


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