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In 2011 the Tampa Revolution softball organization was created by Coach Stephanie (McKenzie) Pecorilli. Her desire was to revolutionize the way people viewed youth sports, and how they were coached.  To be less about chasing trophies and more about fundamental development, consistency, and culture. Because when those are apart of your foundation, the trophies naturally come. Over the years, she developed a core set of values that were instrumental in her teams successes, and thus The Revolution Effect was born.

Her mission with The Revolution Effect is to train & develop coaches and players into revolutionary programs built on solid foundations of teamwork, chemistry, and culture so that they too can revolutionize their sport.

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To learn more about the CORE VALUES of The Revolution Effect and how it can be incorporated into your program, contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

How we Can Help You

After an initial consultation based on the goals and needs of your program, The Revolution Effect will provide a complimentary evaluation of your team to help determine which program is best suited for you. Each program is customized based on a variety of factors such as talent level, coach's experience, age, etc.  Our ultimate goal is to help establish, or build upon, a culture that will allow your program to sustain success for a very long time.


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