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A REVOLUTION can be defined as a sudden, complete or marked change in something.

EFFECT can be defined as power to produce results, efficiency, force, validity, or influence.

You combine these two words and a relentless, unstoppable culture can be created.

The Revolution Effect stems from these core values developed by The Tampa Revolution.  


Without the right culture, a team can find success temporarily but it won't sustain.  It is incredibly important that coaches-players-parents all function as one unit, bought in to the TEAM through the good times, AND the hard times. A single player (or parent, or coach) that doesn't buy in can cause unnecessary strife that will negatively effect the team.


A team with heart exceeds all expectations.  You don't have to be the biggest, fastest, strongest team out there.  You can be small, scrappy, or even less talented, but if you have heart...if you never say die...if you're committed, accountable, and believe in the culture established...if all of those things are true, and you are consistently putting quality work in...that is when amazing things happen. 


Be committed. Plain and simple. Committed to practice. Committed to putting in the extra work. To being the best teammate you can be. Be committed to doing the little things, even if they seem irrelevant or boring. Commit to putting the team first. Be committed to leading not just by voice but by action. And most importantly, be committed to your coach(es). Trust in their vision. Trust in the bigger picture. Be so committed in your program that nothing can ever cause division.


When each player can put their team's overall successes above their own personal accomplishments, powerful things can happen.  Players who can thrive with a "Dory" mentality, where their own shortcomings, mistakes, or failures are easily forgotten because they are so focused on their team, become the greatest teammates of all.


It is important to understand the genetic and physical makeup of your team because each team is made up of a unique set of individuals, who all contribute in different ways.  As you understand their strengths and giftings, you can then begin to build the team's brand.  What is it that your team will be known for? i.e. Relentless, Integrity, Heart, Never Say Die, etc. It's important to own your brand every single day.


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