"From the first time you meet Stephanie, you will realize her passion for helping others to live their best life is unmatched. She develops great athletes and outstanding young people."

-Mike F.

"From the first time you meet Stephanie, you will realize her passion for helping others to live their best life is unmatched. She develops great athletes and outstanding young people."

-Mike F.

"From the first time you meet Stephanie, you will realize her passion for helping others to live their best life is unmatched. She develops great athletes and outstanding young people."

-Mike F.

"The first time I saw Coach Stephanie she was coaching her Revolution team at a shared practice facility with my daughters travel ball team.  I was drawn to her coaching style, in particular I took notice to the way she was engaged with each player and had the entire team constantly in motion. Each player appeared to be working on individualized skills, some working with her and some working independently. From the energy at her practices it was evident she was getting the most from each player. Her team results on the weekends reinforced everything I observed.

A few years later, I had the opportunity to be her assistant coach at the varsity level and I immediately jumped on the chance. I had the fortunate opportunity to see her coaching style first hand. Stephanie brought the same passion I previously witnessed at that training facility to the varsity level.  She was big proponent on teaching and reiterating the fundamentals regardless of each players skill level.


Stephanie focused her efforts to ensure each player became the best version of themselves. Great advice!  She was very innovative with team building and stressed individual and team goals.


I highly recommend hiring Stephanie to be part of helping build and set your coaching foundation."

-Somchai S.

"It was under the leadership of Stephanie that I had my first introduction into Volleyball and what it meant not only to be a part of a team but also how to be a leader in it. Stephanie, or Coach, as we knew her, lead our team with her skill of the game, love of the sport, and passion for helping young women grow & support each other. She always encouraged me never to give up but to continue to play and try my best, because of that encouragement, I went on to play volleyball throughout my entire High School career, and I developed a love for the sport that I still hold with me many years later."

-Shannon T.

"In researching a Softball Travel Organization for our daughter to continue her development, we became familiar with Stephanie Pecorilli's Revolution Organization.  We watched Stephanie and her team one weekend. Stephanie's style was refreshing- positive, establishing accountability, and Team focused. A true learning environment.  We followed up with a tryout and ultimately an invitation to join the Team. While other Organizations and Coaches overlooked our daughter, Stephanie developed her. Focusing on her specific skillset.  Our daughter thrived in this environment working her way into the lead off position in the batting line up and playing center field. Stephanie maximized our daughter's potential through understanding her goals on the field, providing an path for attainment, and motivating- true coaching/ player development.  Stephanie's foundation has not only supported our daughter's confidence on the field, but in life."

-Bonnie + Eric S.

"Stephanie was my high school volleyball coach. Her dedication to developing her players as athletes and in their personal lives is undeniable. She models hard work and commitment on and off the court, and was never hesitant to join in even the most mundane activities such as conditioning or warm-up drills - with a smile! The type of environment Stephanie fosters is centered around teamwork, dedication and FUN. It wasn’t uncommon for practice to run late because my teammates and I would get carried away during a scrimmage with our coaches. I always felt confident and motivated to take risks and try new things under her leadership. Stephanie is highly competitive and out to win, but will never let you forget what is truly important at the end of the day."

-Beth M.

"In 2015, we were in the process of searching for a team that focused on player development as well as being a challenge for our daughter. We then cross paths with Coach Stephanie and her team named, Revolution (Revo).

         It was a difficult journey early on as we struggled as a new team, however Coach Stephanie told us to be patient and trust the process. We trusted the process and gave Coach Stephanie support by leaving our player under her leadership. In time, she developed our daughter into a team player, a defensive beast on the field and a consistent hitter. Besides her own success (our daughter), the team as a whole improved tremendously. We started to find ourselves being competitive in every game.  In time, we became the team to beat even against high school teams.

The culture of Revo was an intangible one that one only hears about where teams gel like they have been playing together forever. The girls had a sense of pride on our team. The blood that now runs through our daughters veins is now of Revo pride and team spirit. To this day my daughter plays soccer and softball with a headband that reads, “Revoforevo”. She does this as a statement for the  red and black Revolution blood. Coach Stephanie and the team has made a difference in her life as a whole. My daughter is now a starting Varsity player at Wesley Chapel high school as a freshman and the smallest player on the team at 5’0 and 105 lbs. the first person she wanted thank was Coach Stephanie. She owes a lot of her development to Coach Stephanie and we are truly grateful for her having taking Such pride and dedication in developing our daughter and the team into better players and teammates."

-Will + Ashley L.

“During my junior year at The Rock School, I tried out for the volleyball team the first year that it was offered there. I didn’t make the team, but Coach Stephanie pulled me aside and said if I wanted to I could be one of the team managers, traveling with, and practicing with the team. Moreover, I could take the opportunity to better my craft. It took courage to face the ones who made it and use 365 days to better myself, but I took her up on the offer. A year later, I made the following team and won the sixth man award. I won’t soon forget the pride and work ethic Coach Stephanie instilled in me. Since then, the volleyball team at my Alma Mater has won championships and made a name for themselves. I can’t help think it’s largely due to the foundations of communication, heart, and resilience Coach Stephanie instilled into the first teams and myself."

-Clerise P.


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